You need a skilled and talented web developer. You need someone with the ability to write a solid application with security and efficiency in mind. Well, you’ve come tot he right place!

I am a php, mysql, and javascript specialist. My skills include ajax applications, api integration, plugin development, Content Management Systems. My experience covers technologies such as xml, rss, custom system maintenance and modifications, wordpress, drupal, joomla, automation systems, clickbank api, paypal api, zencoder api, amazon api, and more!

These are only a few skills which I use day to day:

  1. Php + Mysql Programming — This includes all php software, our developers are experts in these fields. That means we are capable of developing and modifying all types of software you can imagine.
  2. Xml, Ajax, JQuery, Javascript — Most recent technologies of the web.
  3. Data scrapping — Extract and manipulate data from existing webpages, word documents, text files, etc.
  4. Search Engines — Search engines from any source, in combination with data scrapping or Xml parsing, this can be very powerful tool.
  5. WordPress, Joomla, Amember, Modx, vbulletin, custom shopping carts, etc..