Amado Martinez

I’m still around. I listen to Joe Rogan Podcast. I watch Dexter. I’ve been lifting weights and focused on the external world. I’ve set up a one-man company Sofus Web Soluciones SCоформить кредит онлайн. I’m still working exclusively for a single client but hopefully I can get a side project rolling as soon as I finish the super amazing multisite cms platform that I’ve been developing for almost a year.


Amado Martinez

How I recovered my Archbox after deleting /boot

After 2 years of running arch, It started to feel a little clunky. Kde is giving me sound problems, dolphin is taking 10 seconds to load, etc..

I decided to give openSUSE a try. I installed it on my second drive, but after setting up grub, I accidentally overwrote the mbr on my arch drive. Ok, so now I lost access to my data. No problem, I thought. I’ll just add a menu entry to grub to boot into arch and everything will be OK!

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Script for Estafeta package tracking using a tracking code

Are you looking to track your package sent via estafeta in mexico? This shell script will help you do that without using your web browser. Example:

[amado@localhost ~]$ ~/bin/ 99999
Localisando el # de guia: 99999

   04/11/2012 08:37 PM
   Guadalajara Llegada a centro de distribución GDL Guadalajara

   04/11/2012 08:44 PM
   Guadalajara En ruta foránea hacia REX-Reynosa

   Versión 3.2

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