Automatically Mount a Truecrypt Partition in xfce4


I’m naturally very security conscious about my software design and implementation and also my personal and professional information. So, I use a series of free software programs to help me manage and protect a lot of my own information along with critical client information. I use truecrypt for encrypting data such as email (thunderbird data) and my browsing history (firefox data), Continue reading “Automatically Mount a Truecrypt Partition in xfce4” »

Hello Linux “Lisa” Mint 12, Bye-Bye Windows 7!

My first dozen encounters with linux were not great. Driver issues, confusing OS installation instructions, Window manager– what is that! X? repositories? Gnome? KDE? What is that? Of course, all the websites I’ve built run on linux servers and I’ve had to configure mysql, apache, and other services on those servers, but a desktop pc running linux? Never! I need Dreamweaver, I need Eclipse! I need Filezilla, Apache, and Mysql!