Amado Martinez

My name is Amado Martinez. I’m a software engineer specialized primarily in working with the LAMP stack. My passion is clean code, scalability, and SPEED.

I enjoy developing new applications and frameworks, building on top of existing code, and simply and plainly making stuff work. My skills include application design, deployment and database development.

My experience with php includes over 10 years of custom framework development, website repair, and optimization. I started coding at age 15 using C, C++, Java and Php.

As a freelancer, I have used my skills and experience to help people bring their ideas to life. I enjoy using my skills and abilities to help people fix problems. Php, MySQL, Linux, and Open Source allow me to do that. I’m currently studying for LFCS Certification exam and after that I plan to become a Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (Aug-Sept 2016.)


  • Oracle Certified Professional, Mysql 5 Developer

CMS/Plugins Experience:

  • WordPress – Theme & Plugin Development
  • MODx – Theme Development
  • Joomla – Misc website bug fixes.

Deployment Experience

  • PhpDoc
  • Svn, Git

Server Management Experience:

  • Whm, Cpanel
  • Plesk
  • Ajenti

PHP Framework/Lib Experience:

  • Zend Framework v2.x, v1.x
  • CakePHP v1.x
  • Doctrine (Symfony) v1.x
  • facebook-php-sdk
  • fullcontact-api-php
  • simplepie

Javascript Api Experience:

  • jQuery
  • Prototype
  • YUI
  • Dojo

Programming Language Experience:

  • Php (OOP)
  • C++
  • JS
  • Java