Transferring data between godaddy hosting accounts. (linux)

If you wanted to save time and avoid downloading files to your computer and having to upload them to a new godaddy hosting account. I have the solution for you.

Step 1. Activate SSH on both webhosting accounts by going to the godaddy Hosting Panel.

I had to activate via a phone call last time but as I remember it was a pretty quick process.


Step 2. Tar your html directory on your source account once you’re in ssh.

Step 3. Move the tar.gz to the html directory so you can access it via ftp.

Make sure you prefix the filename with “.ht” so that it is not publicly accessible through the web server. (unless you want to use wget to retrieve the file. but we’ll be using FTP in this walk through)

Taring and Moving your backup:

-bash-3.2$ tar czf mygodaddybackup.tar.gz html
-bash-3.2$ ls -lah *.tar.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 [yourusername] inetuser 47M Nov 19 12:41 mygodaddybackup.tar.gz
-bash-3.2$ mv mygodaddybackup.tar.gz html/.ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz

Step 4. Ssh to your new server and download your data.

In this example I’ll show how I did it using ftp:

-bash-3.2$ ftp
ftp> open
Connected to
220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number 10 of 500 allowed.
220-Local time is now 12:45. Server port: 21.
220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
220 You will be disconnected after 3 minutes of inactivity.
500 This security scheme is not implemented
500 This security scheme is not implemented
KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type
Name ([yourusername]):
331 User [yourusername] OK. Password required
230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> get .ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz
local: .ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz remote: .ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz
227 Entering Passive Mode (50,63,78,1,198,42)
150-Accepted data connection
150 48037.9 kbytes to download
226-File successfully transferred
226 0.090 seconds (measured here), 522.01 Mbytes per second
49190766 bytes received in 0.54 seconds (8.9e+04 Kbytes/s)
ftp> close
221-Goodbye. You uploaded 0 and downloaded 48038 kbytes.
221 Logout.
ftp> quit

Step 5. Confirm that your file exists in the new server.

-bash-3.2$ ls -lah
total 48M
drwxr-xr-x 2 youruser inetuser 4.0K Nov 19 12:47 .
drwx---r-x 9 youruser inetuser 4.0K Nov 19 12:44 ..
-rw-r--r-- 1 youruser inetuser  47M Nov 19 12:47 .ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz

Step 6. Extract the backup.

-bash-3.2$ tar -xvzf .ht_mygodaddybackup.tar.gz
........ extracting!!

That’s it! Hope it saved you a lot of time. Cheers.

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  • Hey Thanks a lot for the post, The reply was amazingly fast.. 😉

    I tried this walk-through as soon as I saw your email, but I am stuck at
    2 ftp> open
    I should exactly explain my situation, I have two GoDaddy hosting accounts and, I am transferring everything from to When I open (following ftp) it gives an error “ftp: connect: Connection refused”. I am not sure what to do about this. Am I missing something?