Transferring data between godaddy hosting accounts.

Here’s a quick guide for moving data between linux hosting accounts on godaddy.

  1. Enable ssh on both accounts
  2. Login via ssh to the source server
  3. Move any data to the html directory of your source hosting account. (if its not already there)
  4. Use ftp on the target account to download the files from your source hosting account!

It’s that easy! The transfer speeds are crazy. I transfered my whole site at 11MB/s.

Godaddy does not support ssh, rsync, or scp from their shell. So it took me a few minutes to figure this one out. I will be switching hosting accounts soon and this trick was extremely useful for transferring large files. I will write a detailed tutorial later for backing up your entire website contents from one account to the other quickly and securely.

Later for now!


For a details and instructions see Transfering files between godaddy hostinga ccounts.

  • I have been googling this for a while now, nothing worked, will you please elaborate your method in detail, I have been trying rsync and scp, but none of them worked on GoDaddy as you mentioned. I am having terabytes of data and it will be really big pain in the ass to first download all of it and then reupload it on another hosting account.