Custom Multi-Feature Clickbank Automation Software


A couple of years back, a client of mine decided to hire me to develop a custom application for automating certain actions based on sales information provided by clickbank’s api. This software is one of the most interesting projects I have worked on simply because of the array of services that it integrates and the things you are able to do with it.

The software, cbautobot (,) allows users to create rules and configure any number of actions to be executed when a new clickbank transaction matches the rule. You can specify clickbank item id, affiliate id, and an action such as sending an email to the customer, sending an email to a user-defined email, placing a kunaki ( order, or creating a membership for the customer.

The integrated membership management features allows the application user to manage member access to protected website content or scripts by setting up rules based on specific clickbank item ids.

The application is composed of an API component script, an AJAX based web application for configuring rules and actions, the web-protection php script with offsite protection support for multiple domain names, and an admin interface for managing user accounts. The system was developed using php 5, mysql, yui, javascript (of course), ajax, xml, curl.

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