Hello Linux “Lisa” Mint 12, Bye-Bye Windows 7!

My first dozen encounters with linux were not great. Driver issues, confusing OS installation instructions, Window manager– what is that! X? repositories? Gnome? KDE? What is that? Of course, all the websites I’ve built run on linux servers and I’ve had to configure mysql, apache, and other services on those servers, but a desktop pc running linux? Never! I need Dreamweaver, I need Eclipse! I need Filezilla, Apache, and Mysql!

  • cipricus

    Hello, I just said bye bye to Windows myself but just installed Xubuntu with Wubi for the moment, and it seems I will soon remove Win completely. I took Xubuntu because it said it needed the least amount of hardware resources. What do you think about it? I would appreciate a response. It seems to me that all the other new Linux brothers and sisters are said to be heavy on resources, closer to Vista etc.

    • amado

      Xubuntu uses XFCE which is the desktop manager that I’m using right now with linux mint. I love its simplicity and speed. It’s very fast compared to KDE and Gnome which are more resource heavy. It feels a lot like windows – depending on your configuration. I suggest that you don’t remove windows completely because you might need it in case of an emergency. I still have windows 7 installed but I only use it to play games. The great thing about linux is that you can customize it in many ways. If you’re not happy with your xfce desktop you can always download kde or gnome or one of the many other desktop environments on top of your xubuntu installation.