Taking on 2011

In 2011, I have decided to take a step into the social media world. This includes posting some of my code snippets on this blog and keep it updated on my latest developments. Not only that, but I also plan on making contributions to any open source projects that I come across. I find that I’m constantly making improvements and hacking away at jquery/wordpress plugins and PHP code. This year I will make an effort to share these improvements with the open source community. I hope this will help in forming relations with other developers and designers.

My other goal is to successfully establish Sofus.mx as a web design entity. Sofus.mx will be the counterpart to Projectivemotion.com. I have focused my work now on web development. I will be on the lookout for a talented web designer to add to the design team.

Last month I finished a private implementation of the zencoder.com API for a private cms with Amazon S3 Support. I will post some code snippets and analysis soon on the following posts.

I’m currently developing Travel Agent CMS v.2 which has become a rather large project with some beautifully complex features.

Also.. I have a very interesting review on freelancer.com coming up soon.