At first glance, MODX CMS appears to be a robust CMS with great flexibility and a sweet templating engine, but behind the scenes is a mediocre jumble of code, old and forgotten documentation, and a bunch of plugins/addons that will leave you scratching your head.

To be more fair, MODX CMS is an average CMS with a few nice features. The template variables are a nice addition, but it’s not as innovative as it poses to be. The content structure, however, is very easy to use and consists of a tree structure that allows the creation of parent documents and children directories. The cache system is also very fast and reliable.

The software aims to be a super flexible system that can be used as a framework. If that is true, then It is one of the most broken frameworks I’ve ever experienced. The clumsy template editor makes it so hard to get some speed in the development process. You will get lost within your template blocks and even booted out of the admin panel– having to reload all the windows and your whole theme development environment. The bottom line is that without a file system and a good IDE, a CMS is garbage for any serious developer.

  • JF

    Give MODx Revo a chance, you won’t be sorry!

  • I’ve been looking for a simple to use CMS, I had my hopes up initially with Modx, so I will take your advice and check it out. Anything particularly good about it?